Keeping Cool at Night

Keeping Cool at Night

Hello Summer………Goodbye Sleep???!

No one appreciates a spell of sunny weather quite like the Irish but heatwaves, albeit a welcome change, can play havoc at bedtime. With the sudden surge in unusually warm weather, we felt a bit of research was necessary to ensure you are getting enough blissful beauty sleep.

Keep reading for our top 10 tips and tricks you can do this summer to avoid those sweat-soaked sheets and restless nights sleep.

Hot Cold Water Bottle

The water bottle is a classic household item for many Irish families but who said it has to be hot? Step outside the norm and turn your water bottle into the ideal cooling device. Simply fill with cold water, pop in some ice cubes and voila! You have a simple to make, simple to use cooler ready to pop between the sheets.

Freeze those Sheets

No, we haven’t completely lost the plot! Freezing your sheets even for a few minutes will drastically reduce the temperature in your room and help you drift off to blissful dreamland. Avoid chards of ice and lose peas and place your sheets in plastic bags before popping them into the freezer.

Open a window

Simple, easy and quick. Might be tricky if you are ground-level but upper floors will benefit from, hopefully, a cool night breeze. Always be sure security will not become an issue!

Go it alone

Who doesn’t need some precious ZZZ’s and if you usually share a bed, hot weather can mean it’s time to get tough. An obvious statement- ‘you will sleep better alone and stay cooler for longer’ but it’s true! So if you are having a tough time at night, ditch your cuddle-companion and drift off to heavenly dreamland…

Don’t go Commando

It can be tempting but it’s better to wear cotton PJ’s rather than nothing at all. This way, your skin and breathe, sweat can be soaked up rather than left on the skin.

Ice Ice, Baby

Placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan will keep the room cool as the ice melts…..aah cold air at last!

A cold rinse

Rinsing your hands and wrists or feet in cold water before bed can dramatically reduce your core body temperature and help ease you into a peaceful slumber on those clammy nights

Water, water, water

Be sure to drink plenty of water. Becoming dehydrated will only make bedtime more hellish. Boozing before bed- never a good idea especially on hot summer days. Instead, have a glass of ice cold water beside your bed to help keep hydrated during the night.

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